What Is Project 54? | + symbols key


WHAT IS CURIOUSNESS? | Project 54 is a semester-long project that is the main focus of the masscomm class titled Curiousness at the Virginia Commonwealth University. The project title refers to the 54 projects enrolled students have to complete in one semester. Each project includes 3-4 pages of handwritten journaling, a prototype, and a notation (2-3 sentence summary of the project idea) posted online to a WordPress blog. The Fall 2018 focus of the project is to generate 54 project concepts for Uber that include Uber (the company), transportation (the service), and mentorship (the brand theme).

The course syllabus states that it hopes that:

  • you learn how to generate ideas and to evaluate ideas.
  • you learn to present your ideas in multiple media.
  • you learn more about advertising.

The class focuses on two primary topics: 

  1. Creativity — the ability to create new, meaningful ideas that solve problems.
  2. Advertising — the way brands connect with audiences.

The most important thing that you learn is to allow curiousness to fuel creativity.

WHAT IS THE POINT? | According to the syllabus, the primary point is to “ponder and design and write and draw and doodle and compose and create and plan and question and list and commit and translate and copy and scribble and fold and draft and characterize and formulate and bang out and jot down and think up… all in your journal.”

WHO ARE YOU? | I’m a student enrolled in the Fall 2018 Curiousness class at VCU. You find can out more about me here.


*  = cited sources

word or phrase here” = represents the inclusion of the brand theme mentor

collaboration = green words highlight the inclusion of a collaborative element

NOTATION: = tl;dr / summary of your idea

this is what a link looks like = link that will open new page in browser


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