Hello, and welcome to my Project 54 blog space! My name is Diana and I’m a visual artist and creative content developer living in Richmond, VA. 

I’ve always been really into art and was previously enrolled in the VCU Painting & Printmaking department from 2005 to 2008. At the time I really struggled with actually attending classes, although I loved doing the artwork. Long story short I dropped out of art school, moved to the West Coast, and started a tattoo apprenticeship. While living in Portland, I worked in the tattoo industry for 5 years and during 3 of those years I owned a brick & mortar parlor called 7 Savages TattoosDiana M Davis CommArts Portfolio 7shop

Because my startup was on a tight budget, I did all of the marketing and advertising for the shop myself. I was thrown into a new, multifaceted art form that I swiftly fell in love with. When my initial 3 year lease was up, I closed shop and started my own one-woman company called Fresh Savagery DesignAfter living in Oregon for 7 years, it’s easy to see in retrospect that I needed to branch out on my own in order to grow up a little, fail a lot, and learn how to try, try again. 

TL;DR | Now I’m a freelance artist and a returning VCU student in pursuit of transitioning into the Mass Communications department with a focus on creative advertising. I currently live with my two cats, Maureice and Wickham, plus my boyfriend whom I like to call CatDaddy (much to his chagrin). A few of my favorite things other than cats are reading, drawing, and guzzling coffee like there’s no tomorrow.



© Diana Davis, All Rights Reserved | www.freshsavagery.com

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