4/54 MENTOR | Uber Gondola: You Got This

gondola tailuber gondola 2NOTATION: The idea is to imagine and express the feeling of discovering Uber Local: Know Your Destination while traveling abroad. The emotion I chose in relation to Uber as a mentor is “empowerment“. I started with the concept of Uber Gondola, a service of Uber Local, featuring gondola tours on the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy.


You’ve arrived at your destination: Venice, Italy.

Your bucket-list is chock full of adventure, excitement, and instagram-worthy stops. You’ve been dreaming of gliding along the placid waters of the Grand Canal for ages. When you arrive at St. Mark’s Square, the place is buzzing with locals, tourists, and merchants. Every inch is rippling with activity and you can almost touch the energy thick in the air. As you make your way towards the portico wondering how exactly to snag an epic gondola tour, you start to feel your spirits sink. The harbor is bustling with people shouting and haggling for rides. And you’re pretty sure you’ve heard at least 10 languages in the last 10 seconds. Stress is starting to cloud your Venetian euphoria. What if you get overcharged for clearly being a confused tourist? What if it sucks?

You hover at the edge of the crowd trying to determine your next steps. A gorgeous glossy-black gondola catches your eye. You idly watch while a lean gondolier deftly maneuvers through the crowded waterway with the boats’ golden filigree glinting under the late afternoon sun. As it flits by, you recognize a decal on the stern of the boat: an Uber logo. Your jaw drops as you whip out your phone to check the Uber app. It loads in and there are not any cars on the map; instead, there are miniature gondolas squiggling across your screen! Then, a notification bubble prompting you to select your language and currency pops up. A smile spreads from the inside, out. 

You got this.you got this



© Diana Davis, All Rights Reserved | www.freshsavagery.com

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