5/54 MENTOR | Uber Coco: Adventure Starts With a Coconut

COCO WHEELS TRANSPNOTATION: The word I chose in relation to Uber as a mentor is “adventure“. The idea is to visualize how using an Uber Local: Know Your Destination service like Uber Coco encourages you to take on an adventure in Havana, Cuba. I explored this concept by creating a written copy and brand mock-ups.

PROTOTYPE: UBER COCO | Adventure Starts With a Coconut

No one could have invented Havana, Cuba. It’s too audacious, too outlandish, and just too damn beautiful. How it does it is anyone’s best guess. Maybe it’s the swashbuckling history slinking around every corner, or the indefatigable mambo energy that practically ricochets off the walls.

Only here does adventure start with cruising through a colorful labyrinth seated in a hollowed-out coconut; on a three wheeled ride that is the near-summation of all the wildly pulsing energy of Havana. Simply summon an Uber Coco and let the adventure unfold before your eyes. Don’t come here with a list of questions. Just arrive with an open mind and prepare for a long, slow, coconut-infused seduction.

uber coco 9


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