6/54 KINDERGARTEN | Uber Influencer: Play Hard & Dream Big

(hover over the settings icon to toggle video quality to HD)

NOTATION: For this project I wanted to explore how Uber would mentor a professional creator / on-the-go influencer. This concept focuses on the word “encouraging” to represent Uber’s mentorship role and the word “playground” to represent the environment of the influencer’s lifestyle. I created the imaginary service Uber Influencer: Play Hard & Dream Big, a service concept of Uber Local, and a mock-advertisement video.

PROTOTYPE CONCEPT: Influencers submit an application to apply for access to the Uber Influencer service. Uber Influencer provides monthly subscriptions for tiered amounts of pre-paid drive time minutes to influencers and creators at a lower fare.


  • affordable transportation for independent contractors and small business owners (helping/empathetic)
  • fixed monthly expense and auto bill pay (helping/wise/empowering)
  • travel expense reports and statements for easier tax documentation (helping/wise)


  • save time on trip planning and searching for parking (helping/wise/relatable)
  • save money on paying for parking and per-mileage wear and tear (helping/wise/relatable)
  • tailored to you and your small business needs (compassionate)


  • creates collaboration and sponsorship opportunities for Uber & Influencers (helping/empowering/encouraging)
  • taps social media platforms and followers (empowering)
  • meets an unmet demand in the market (leadership/empathetic)


© Diana Davis, All Rights Reserved | www.freshsavagery.com

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