31/54 OPPOSITE | Get Away Car

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “challenges” and “questions” people who don’t know about or choose to not to use the UberEats service, but in a humorous way. Uber: Get Away Car is a commercial concept that features the Hamburglar robbing a McDonald’s for a sac full of BigMac burgers and holding up a driver in the parking lot as an impromptu get away car. The driver turns out to be an innocent bystander / UberEats delivery driver just trying to do his job. As the Hamburglar stuffs his face full of Big Macs in the back of the get away car, the driver finally speaks up to point out the obvious. The Hamburglar could have just had his burgers delivered by UberEats. And that the Hamburglar is a made up character and as such the Hamburglar would most likely comped by McDonalds’s as an employee perk and therefore received the food order and delivery service for free – DUH! 🙄The Hamburglar drops his burger and slinks down in shock and shame. This could be the beginning of a collaborative commercial series between UberEats and McDonald’s. Additionally this commercial concept could modernize and poke fun at the Hamburglar in a humorous and honest way.

PROTOTYPE: Late one night, the Hamburglar is sitting at home in front of the TV trying to ignore his tummy rumbling. He gets up to check the fridge and all he finds are McDonald’s sauce packets and some expired milk. As he sadly passes through his dingy apartment, empty wrappers and bags rustle underfoot. Just as he sits back down on the couch a McDonald’s commercial flashes across the screen with cheery colors and happy little burgers dancing across the television. His willpower is instantly shattered.

His car has been in the shop, so calls around for a ride. When no one answers, he decides to walk to the nearest Mickey D’s. By the time he arrives he’s sweaty and panting. He pauses to clutch a stitch in his side as his stomach ominously growls.

In the shadows of the parking lot, he wipes his brow and straightens himself out. Then with surprising speed he sprints towards the glowing McDonald’s and springs through the front door. He slides to a halt at the register and yells “FREEZE!!! Give me all the BigMacs!” as he waves an empty sack at the cashier.

After looting all of the burgers, the Hamburglar gleefully slips out of the building and proceeds to hold up a man walking to his car. He demands the driver to be his get away car and the driver shakes his head as he leads the Hamburglar to his parked car.

As the Hamburglar greedily stuffs his face in the back seat, the driver slams on his brakes, pulls over, and stops to turn around to the burger stealing crook. He points out to the Hamburglar that: 1. He could’ve stayed at home and had UberEats deliver him burgers and 2. He really didn’t need to bother to rob the McDonald’s because as a company mascot he would’ve been comped for the whole thing! The Hamburglar almost chokes on a BigMac with shock and slumps down in the seat in utter shame and misery. The UberEats delivery guy shifts into drive and angrily whips back onto the road.





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