33/54 OPPOSITE | The Escape Artists

c7zcvl5vsae3ytpNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “helps” you live your best life. Uber: The Escape Artists is an opening idea for a commercial series featuring 3 siblings who are normally disinterested in each other teaming up to escape a family reunion gone terribly awry. Uber is the perfect on-demand escape car.

PROTOTYPE: The first commercial in the series starts with 3 siblings scrolling on their phones, having their cheeks pinched by Great Aunt Marcella, and settling in for a long and highly unanticipated family reunion. Everything is going as planned until an unexpected development occurs; their dad, divorced from the their mother for years now, decides to show up uninvited with his latest girlfriend. Tempers flare and drama ensues while the girlfriends yappy dog is getting into the buffet. The 3 siblings team up to escape the madness without anyone noticing they left.

  • Satirical mock action style with exaggerated slow-mo, zoomies, and dramatic unnecessary plot developments (Kill Bill style + everyday people/place)
  • Siblings humorously go to extreme lengths to sneak out undetected when really no one is paying attention to them anyway
  • One falls out of the bathroom window into bushes, another creates a distraction by throwing a big bowl of popcorn up in the air, and the other ninja style creeps to a charger so they can get enough juice to summon an Uber
  • By the time all arrive to the Uber waiting outside, one is scratched up and covered in leaves, another has a DIY ninja mask made from toilet paper, and the last is sweaty and nervous – the driver decides to look away with no comment
  • The concept allows for over time character development and different hilarious escape plans
  • The series ends with the 3 siblings ending up at a lifestyle guru lecture in which the topic is personal boundaries and saying no to things that don’t spark joy
  • They realize it was all for nought, and are shown in a flash-forward proudly and firmly saying no to the next family reunion





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