38/54 INSPIRATION | Inspired Rides

tips_tileNOTATION: The idea is that Uber collaborates with local museums to “promote” and “provide” free, roundtrip rides to the museum in select cities. Uber connects people to the perfect place to find inspiration – museums of all sorts from science and transportation museums to art and history museums. Uber: Inspired Rides “supports” local museums and “encourages” people to turn to them for new ideas and new found inspiration. Uber passengers get free entry to the museum as well.

PROTOTYPE: Message Ideas with tag ending of “Catch an inspired ride with Uber on the house.”

  • You can always Netflix and chill another night.
  • Because it beats another night of staring at your crummy apartment wall.
  • Take a the time to take it all in.
  • Live your best life.
  • Because this is what you really need.
  • You deserve a break from it all.




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