40/54 LATERAL | Billboard Truth #1

truth 1NOTATION: The idea is to be “honest” and “direct” about some of the painful realties of urban dwelling. Uber: Billboard Truths shows how Uber might just be the solution. Truth #1 is inspired by things that suck about RVA.

PROTOTYPE: “Ride With Uber”

  • The roads are more potholes than roads at this point
  • Whoever designed the “new” bus system is an idiot
  • Half of the streets in the Fan are missing street signs
  • Street parking is underrated and overpriced
  • It’s too expensive to have a pass and too much of a pain to have change for tolls
  • The parking meters here will eat your money
  • Who wants carry cash to tip the valet driver
  • Monument Avenue will make you have to pee
  • RVA is not designed for bike riding




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