44/54 LATERAL | Billboard Truth #3

truth 3NOTATION: The idea is to “openly” and “honestly” say what everybody is thinking, in the context of Uber. This Uber: Billboard Truths is inspired by the reality that owning a car can suck, and isn’t always worth it for everyone. And with Uber, you no longer have to be a car owner.

PROTOTYPE: “You Can Always Uber”

  • Paying for expensive car insurance
  • Having a monthly car payment
  • Having to deal with unexpected break downs
  • Needing somewhere to park your car
  • Paying for a parking spot at your apartment complex and/or job
  • Waiting at the mechanic for hours
  • Paying for expensive car repairs
  • Keeping up with regular car maintenance
  • Pumping gas in the freezing cold
  • Having to wash and vacuum your car regularly




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