37/54 INSPIRATION | Learn With The Best

faster-dwayne-the-rock-johnson-31249118-1440-900NOTATION: The idea is that Uber collaborates with Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, to surprise his fans by showing up as their Uber driver and then spending the day with them as a mentor. Friends and family can enter to win an Uber Rock Daytrip for a loved one and help plan the surprise. The Rock does 100 Uber trips for his fans and Uber sponsors extraordinary training and fun. Uber “provides” and “connects” the ultimate mentor with mentees.

PROTOTYPE:  Details & Ideas for what an Uber Rock Daytrip could look like.

  • Contestants submit letters and photos about the person they are nominating for the prize. They also include a list of their favorite things to do, dream adventures, and why they need a mentor.
  • Daytrips could include anything from skydiving, golfing, going to an inspirational movie, or doing a workshop/class together. The sky’s the limit.
  • 31 contestants are chosen to participate in 31 days of “The Rock Quits His Job To Be An Uber Driver”.
  • Hashtags, social media campaign, and TV spotlights build the hype and gather contest entries.
  • In addition to meeting the contestant requirements, applicants have to pay a $10 application fee. The proceeds go to a charity of The Rock’s choice.




36/54 INSPIRATION | Divine Intervention

timelesstoday_custodians_of_a_miracle_800x500NOTATION: The idea is that some Uber drivers are everyday angels, and that Uber “facilitates” their ability to help those in the community.

PROTOTYPE: Jane just moved away from home for the first time and into a new college dorm in a new college town. She is so ready to start living an independent life. Her parents have signed her up with a monthly Uber account so that she can get to important meetings and go to the grocery store, because for whatever lame reason freshman are not allowed to have cars on campus. But they’re not really tapped in. Jane has never taken an Uber, but she has seen all of the internet memes and the headlines about the “Uber Serial Killer”, Jason Dalton.

But she doesn’t want to seem childish or ungrateful, so she keeps her doubts to herself and hopes that she doesn’t run into a creepy driver. After a few weeks of being on campus, she has cabin fever and finally makes plans with a dorm mate to check out the local mall. Her new friend works at a shop there, so she’s taking her first Uber to meet her there after her shift .

Jane’s stoked to get off campus, but is still nervous about taking an Uber. Her ride shows up and it turns out that the driver seems super nice and professional. He introduces himself and she finds out that he’s a senior at her college. Much to her relief, he doesn’t seem like a serial killer or a creep, so she relaxes as she chuckles at her own worry.

She gets dropped off at the mall after a smooth ride and walks up to find a map. As she’s standing at the map trying to orient herself, she feels that someone is looking at her. She whips around to see, and it’s her Uber driver walking straight towards her. She is starting to panic when he says, “Oh hey there, again! Don’t mind me, I decided to swing in for a Starbucks since I’m here.”, pointing past her. She looks where he’s pointing to see a Starbucks cafe she hadn’t even noticed. She nervously laughs at herself again and he offers to walk her to where she’s looking for. She boldly agrees; he is a cute senior after all. They cross the street and she strides ahead.

All of the sudden a car full of college boys whip around a blind corner at full speed. Her newly found friend grabs her and pulls her out of the lane, saving her from a close call. She recovers from the shock and he walks her to her destination. Still feeling a bit shaky she looks out the window of the shop at the guy as he walks away, and to this day she swears that he had little white wings poking out of his t-shirt.




35/54 INSPIRATION | The Oracle

186NOTATION: The idea is that Uber “facilitates” wondrous and unforeseen things. Uber: The Oracle is an idea to express the idea that with Uber, anything can happen and it creates opportunity for the unexpected and inexplicable.

PROTOTYPE: In order to save some money, Jakes signs up for UberPool so he can rideshare with others for less. He’s been avoiding it for awhile, imagining the worst possible scenarios. He pictures himself being stuck in a carpool with someone who smells, or is loud and talkative, or is creepy and rude. He thinks of how awkward it could be. But now he has a goal to save up for a big overseas trip and has decided it’s worth the unknown of riding with strange passengers.

He’s getting ready to UberPool to a lecture on Ancient Mythology, and is tracking his Uber on the app. It’s on its way and he might as well rip the band-aid. As he approaches the car his heart sinks, seeing there is already a passenger in the tiny sedan. As he slides into the back seat he sees that it’s in fact a beautiful woman dressed in scarlet with large wooden bangles on delicate wrists. Her hair is long and raven, covering half of her profile. He awkwardly manages a hello, and she turns to give him a wry little smile. He was not prepared for this at all. He fidgets and begins to sweat a little as he tries to thing of something charming to say to young lady.

He sees on the app that he is the first drop off, and his destination is only a few minutes away. He finally breaks the silence by humorously remarking upon how he had really expected the worst from using a carpool service, noting that he never expected to be riding with a stunning model for effect. She laughs, and it’s like the tinkling of chimes. He wishes her a good day as his stop comes into view. Just before he gets out of the car, she leans forward, grasps his arm, and sternly looks into his soul as she says “Wherever you go, go with all your heart and you will happen upon the all of the joy and beauty of the world.” in a strange little voice. She releases his arm, and pulls away. Shocked, he stumbles out of the car absolutely wordless.

It’s 20 minutes into the lecture and he’s almost completely forgotten about his strange encounter. The lecturer is droning through the ancient gods, goddesses, and their companions when the slideshow flashes to a painting of stunning woman, a herald in scarlet looking piercingly out to the viewer. He gasps as it looks exactly like the lady he just rode with. The speaker says, “Moving on, this representation is of Pythia, The Oracle of Delphi.” The blood drains from his face.




34/54 OPPOSITE | Meet You There

3590f74aff62dc4aeb18d3794a5e7b8eNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “creates an alternate option” for riders. Uber: Meet You There is a concept for a series of commercials based on humorous scenarios in which the main character avoids sharing a ride with someone they actually know by taking an Uber instead.

PROTOTYPE: 7 Situations Where the Best Thing to Say is “MEET YOU THERE”

  1. Legally blind grandparent offers to give you a ride to the family reunion. They’re notorious for being terrible on the road and are on a first name basis with the local traffic control officers.
  2. You and your best friend are going to an epic concert together and they offer to pick you up. Even though you love them to death, they’re NEVER on time and completely unreliable.
  3. Your domineering older sibling who is always putting you down under the guise of “brutal honesty” and “sibling affection” offers to give you a ride to your cousins wedding. It’s an hour away, and you know better than to fall for that.
  4. You and a coworker have plans to go to an after-hours work event to party it up with the managers and they offer to drive. You’ve seen their car and you know it’s absolutely disgusting. You’ve literally wondered whether or not they might be living in it. You picture yourself showing up to the event smelling like stale fast food, root beer, and ranch flavored Doritos.
  5. A very friendly and temptingly attractive, yet newly acquainted stranger offers you a ride to the after party.
  6. You love your parents… but they insist on singing road trip songs in the car when the ride is slightly longer than a trip to the grocery store.
  7. When someone who you really just don’t like but are situationally obliged to politely spend time with offers you a ride.




33/54 OPPOSITE | The Escape Artists

c7zcvl5vsae3ytpNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “helps” you live your best life. Uber: The Escape Artists is an opening idea for a commercial series featuring 3 siblings who are normally disinterested in each other teaming up to escape a family reunion gone terribly awry. Uber is the perfect on-demand escape car.

PROTOTYPE: The first commercial in the series starts with 3 siblings scrolling on their phones, having their cheeks pinched by Great Aunt Marcella, and settling in for a long and highly unanticipated family reunion. Everything is going as planned until an unexpected development occurs; their dad, divorced from the their mother for years now, decides to show up uninvited with his latest girlfriend. Tempers flare and drama ensues while the girlfriends yappy dog is getting into the buffet. The 3 siblings team up to escape the madness without anyone noticing they left.

  • Satirical mock action style with exaggerated slow-mo, zoomies, and dramatic unnecessary plot developments (Kill Bill style + everyday people/place)
  • Siblings humorously go to extreme lengths to sneak out undetected when really no one is paying attention to them anyway
  • One falls out of the bathroom window into bushes, another creates a distraction by throwing a big bowl of popcorn up in the air, and the other ninja style creeps to a charger so they can get enough juice to summon an Uber
  • By the time all arrive to the Uber waiting outside, one is scratched up and covered in leaves, another has a DIY ninja mask made from toilet paper, and the last is sweaty and nervous – the driver decides to look away with no comment
  • The concept allows for over time character development and different hilarious escape plans
  • The series ends with the 3 siblings ending up at a lifestyle guru lecture in which the topic is personal boundaries and saying no to things that don’t spark joy
  • They realize it was all for nought, and are shown in a flash-forward proudly and firmly saying no to the next family reunion





32/54 OPPOSITE | Taxi Driver

p3836_v_v8_aaNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “is there to help you” when you’ve made a bad choice in life. Uber: Taxi Driver is a commercial concept about an innocent rider having the taxi ride from hell on the day of an important job interview. Uber is there to save the day.

PROTOTYPE: A young, fresh out of college guy named Derek is excitedly texting friends and family the day before his first big job interview. He’s getting all sorts of positive support and help from his group of loved ones, including advice on what to wear, how to be professional, and what not to say. He wants everything to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

His big brother texts him to ask how he’s planning on getting to the interview. The young guy texts back that he has already scheduled a taxi pick up time. He explains that since some of his friends suggested that public transportation is too iffy to rely on and that looking for parking could make him late and frazzled, he thought that a taxi was the perfect solution. His big brother texts him back an eye roll emoji with a promo link to Uber. Then he texts that if he sets up his account with the link, the first 3 rides are free. The young guy texts back saying thanks but no thanks; he’s already sorted it all out with a scheduled ride with a top rated taxi company in the area. The older brother texts back to say Uber is way more reliable and convenient than a taxi service. Plus he can try it for free.

It’s the next day and the young guy is dressed to the nines, ready to go, and standing on the curb 5 minutes before the taxi is due. He’s as prepared as he will ever be and is stoked to get into the interview. The minutes creep by as he continues to check the time on his phone. It’s 10 minutes past his scheduled pick up when he finally calls the taxi company demanding to know where his appointed ride is. He gets put on hold and his anxiety is ever-escalating as the easy listening call hold music crackles through the speaker. When he finally connects with dispatch, he gives out all of his information only to be told that there is no record of a scheduled ride matching his pick up address. After a few minutes, the dispatcher finally says that they found an on-call taxi driver that could be there in 15 minutes.

The taxi finally arrives, and the young guy rushes into the back seat and asks to confirm the destination address. It was entered into the system incorrectly, so the taxi driver slowly takes down the address and updates his GPS. The taxi driver then proceeds to sit in front of the apartment while he calls to update dispatch. The meter is running and time is ticking down. Derek is trying to be patient as he sits in the back of the seat. He tries to shift to a more comfortable position only to realize that his shoe is stuck to a piece of nasty green gum embedded in the carpet. Totally disgusted, he goes to free his foot and notices that upon closer inspection, the entire back seat is filthy.

The driver finally cuts out into traffic to a chorus of loud angry honking. Not too long into the ride, the young guy starts to get motion sick as the taxi driver weaves in and out through traffic at the speed of light. Then the driver rolls down the windows and starts loudly telling his life story about how he became a taxi driver in the city. At one point, he waves a pistol while proudly exclaiming that he has never been robbed, not even on the night shift. The young guy is clutching his phone in one hand and the seat with the other, trying to calculate how late he might be and his likelihood of survival. The taxi driver takes the long way and finally gets the young guy to his interview 20 minutes late and negative $36.50.

The young guy practically throws himself out of the back seat and runs to the lobby entrance. His hair looks blasted from the wind, his outfit is creased and crumpled from being thrown around in the back seat on tight turns, and his face is pale and sweaty from motion sickness. He walks in looking like a complete wreck only to be told by reception  that he has missed his interview window and to call back.

He sits down in the waiting area, utterly disheveled and defeated. He then pulls out his phone and clicks on the link his older brother had sent the day before. He sets up his account and requests a ride within seconds. He sighs as he gets up to wait outside. Just as he is walking to the curb, a sleek black sedan pulls up. The window rolls down and a pretty and put together looking girl leans over the front seat and says, “Hi! Are you Derek? I’m your Uber driver today.”

After an uneventful and pleasant ride home, he changes his clothes and lays out on the couch. His older brother texts him to ask how it went and he spills all of the details on the taxi driver from hell. His brother just texts back a LMAO emoji followed by a smug “told ya so”.




31/54 OPPOSITE | Get Away Car

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “challenges” and “questions” people who don’t know about or choose to not to use the UberEats service, but in a humorous way. Uber: Get Away Car is a commercial concept that features the Hamburglar robbing a McDonald’s for a sac full of BigMac burgers and holding up a driver in the parking lot as an impromptu get away car. The driver turns out to be an innocent bystander / UberEats delivery driver just trying to do his job. As the Hamburglar stuffs his face full of Big Macs in the back of the get away car, the driver finally speaks up to point out the obvious. The Hamburglar could have just had his burgers delivered by UberEats. And that the Hamburglar is a made up character and as such the Hamburglar would most likely comped by McDonalds’s as an employee perk and therefore received the food order and delivery service for free – DUH! 🙄The Hamburglar drops his burger and slinks down in shock and shame. This could be the beginning of a collaborative commercial series between UberEats and McDonald’s. Additionally this commercial concept could modernize and poke fun at the Hamburglar in a humorous and honest way.

PROTOTYPE: Late one night, the Hamburglar is sitting at home in front of the TV trying to ignore his tummy rumbling. He gets up to check the fridge and all he finds are McDonald’s sauce packets and some expired milk. As he sadly passes through his dingy apartment, empty wrappers and bags rustle underfoot. Just as he sits back down on the couch a McDonald’s commercial flashes across the screen with cheery colors and happy little burgers dancing across the television. His willpower is instantly shattered.

His car has been in the shop, so calls around for a ride. When no one answers, he decides to walk to the nearest Mickey D’s. By the time he arrives he’s sweaty and panting. He pauses to clutch a stitch in his side as his stomach ominously growls.

In the shadows of the parking lot, he wipes his brow and straightens himself out. Then with surprising speed he sprints towards the glowing McDonald’s and springs through the front door. He slides to a halt at the register and yells “FREEZE!!! Give me all the BigMacs!” as he waves an empty sack at the cashier.

After looting all of the burgers, the Hamburglar gleefully slips out of the building and proceeds to hold up a man walking to his car. He demands the driver to be his get away car and the driver shakes his head as he leads the Hamburglar to his parked car.

As the Hamburglar greedily stuffs his face in the back seat, the driver slams on his brakes, pulls over, and stops to turn around to the burger stealing crook. He points out to the Hamburglar that: 1. He could’ve stayed at home and had UberEats deliver him burgers and 2. He really didn’t need to bother to rob the McDonald’s because as a company mascot he would’ve been comped for the whole thing! The Hamburglar almost chokes on a BigMac with shock and slumps down in the seat in utter shame and misery. The UberEats delivery guy shifts into drive and angrily whips back onto the road.





30/54 ONE PERSON | Mentors Mentor Mentors

mentors for mentors poster

NOTATION: The idea is that for every great mentor out there was a predecessor mentor. Mentors need mentors, and Uber “provides“, “encourages“, and “enables” mentors the opportunity to connect with other mentors. One great mentor can make a world of difference. Using UberPool, mentors and mentees alike converge at local meet ups to inspire and be inspired.




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29/54 ONE PERSON | Uber Access + Team Valiant

uber team valiantNOTATION: The idea is that UberWAV “encourages” and “facilitates” a nationwide one-on-one mentorship program for children and young adults living with disabilities. Uber Access finds, vets, trains, and connects experienced adults living with disabilities to young adults and children that are learning to navigate the world with new and/or pre-existing disabilities. Uber collaborates with the YMCA to connect and create a safe, fun space for group activities, peer support, and one-on-one mentorship.





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28/54 ONE PERSON |Uber: Find Your Bigger Self

uber big 2

NOTATION: The idea is that Uber “encourages“, “empowers“, and “facilitates” displaced children to connect with one-on-one mentors by collaborating with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. BBBS mentors take Uber to homes and centers for children in transitional living in order to create program awareness, drop off sign-up sheets, and share event calendars. Children are encouraged to explore the BBBS programs and buddy up with a Big Brother or Big Sister.


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