34/54 OPPOSITE | Meet You There

3590f74aff62dc4aeb18d3794a5e7b8eNOTATION: The idea is that Uber “creates an alternate option” for riders. Uber: Meet You There is a concept for a series of commercials based on humorous scenarios in which the main character avoids sharing a ride with someone they actually know by taking an Uber instead.

PROTOTYPE: 7 Situations Where the Best Thing to Say is “MEET YOU THERE”

  1. Legally blind grandparent offers to give you a ride to the family reunion. They’re notorious for being terrible on the road and are on a first name basis with the local traffic control officers.
  2. You and your best friend are going to an epic concert together and they offer to pick you up. Even though you love them to death, they’re NEVER on time and completely unreliable.
  3. Your domineering older sibling who is always putting you down under the guise of “brutal honesty” and “sibling affection” offers to give you a ride to your cousins wedding. It’s an hour away, and you know better than to fall for that.
  4. You and a coworker have plans to go to an after-hours work event to party it up with the managers and they offer to drive. You’ve seen their car and you know it’s absolutely disgusting. You’ve literally wondered whether or not they might be living in it. You picture yourself showing up to the event smelling like stale fast food, root beer, and ranch flavored Doritos.
  5. A very friendly and temptingly attractive, yet newly acquainted stranger offers you a ride to the after party.
  6. You love your parents… but they insist on singing road trip songs in the car when the ride is slightly longer than a trip to the grocery store.
  7. When someone who you really just don’t like but are situationally obliged to politely spend time with offers you a ride.




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