35/54 INSPIRATION | The Oracle

186NOTATION: The idea is that Uber “facilitates” wondrous and unforeseen things. Uber: The Oracle is an idea to express the idea that with Uber, anything can happen and it creates opportunity for the unexpected and inexplicable.

PROTOTYPE: In order to save some money, Jakes signs up for UberPool so he can rideshare with others for less. He’s been avoiding it for awhile, imagining the worst possible scenarios. He pictures himself being stuck in a carpool with someone who smells, or is loud and talkative, or is creepy and rude. He thinks of how awkward it could be. But now he has a goal to save up for a big overseas trip and has decided it’s worth the unknown of riding with strange passengers.

He’s getting ready to UberPool to a lecture on Ancient Mythology, and is tracking his Uber on the app. It’s on its way and he might as well rip the band-aid. As he approaches the car his heart sinks, seeing there is already a passenger in the tiny sedan. As he slides into the back seat he sees that it’s in fact a beautiful woman dressed in scarlet with large wooden bangles on delicate wrists. Her hair is long and raven, covering half of her profile. He awkwardly manages a hello, and she turns to give him a wry little smile. He was not prepared for this at all. He fidgets and begins to sweat a little as he tries to thing of something charming to say to young lady.

He sees on the app that he is the first drop off, and his destination is only a few minutes away. He finally breaks the silence by humorously remarking upon how he had really expected the worst from using a carpool service, noting that he never expected to be riding with a stunning model for effect. She laughs, and it’s like the tinkling of chimes. He wishes her a good day as his stop comes into view. Just before he gets out of the car, she leans forward, grasps his arm, and sternly looks into his soul as she says “Wherever you go, go with all your heart and you will happen upon the all of the joy and beauty of the world.” in a strange little voice. She releases his arm, and pulls away. Shocked, he stumbles out of the car absolutely wordless.

It’s 20 minutes into the lecture and he’s almost completely forgotten about his strange encounter. The lecturer is droning through the ancient gods, goddesses, and their companions when the slideshow flashes to a painting of stunning woman, a herald in scarlet looking piercingly out to the viewer. He gasps as it looks exactly like the lady he just rode with. The speaker says, “Moving on, this representation is of Pythia, The Oracle of Delphi.” The blood drains from his face.




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