36/54 INSPIRATION | Divine Intervention

timelesstoday_custodians_of_a_miracle_800x500NOTATION: The idea is that some Uber drivers are everyday angels, and that Uber “facilitates” their ability to help those in the community.

PROTOTYPE: Jane just moved away from home for the first time and into a new college dorm in a new college town. She is so ready to start living an independent life. Her parents have signed her up with a monthly Uber account so that she can get to important meetings and go to the grocery store, because for whatever lame reason freshman are not allowed to have cars on campus. But they’re not really tapped in. Jane has never taken an Uber, but she has seen all of the internet memes and the headlines about the “Uber Serial Killer”, Jason Dalton.

But she doesn’t want to seem childish or ungrateful, so she keeps her doubts to herself and hopes that she doesn’t run into a creepy driver. After a few weeks of being on campus, she has cabin fever and finally makes plans with a dorm mate to check out the local mall. Her new friend works at a shop there, so she’s taking her first Uber to meet her there after her shift .

Jane’s stoked to get off campus, but is still nervous about taking an Uber. Her ride shows up and it turns out that the driver seems super nice and professional. He introduces himself and she finds out that he’s a senior at her college. Much to her relief, he doesn’t seem like a serial killer or a creep, so she relaxes as she chuckles at her own worry.

She gets dropped off at the mall after a smooth ride and walks up to find a map. As she’s standing at the map trying to orient herself, she feels that someone is looking at her. She whips around to see, and it’s her Uber driver walking straight towards her. She is starting to panic when he says, “Oh hey there, again! Don’t mind me, I decided to swing in for a Starbucks since I’m here.”, pointing past her. She looks where he’s pointing to see a Starbucks cafe she hadn’t even noticed. She nervously laughs at herself again and he offers to walk her to where she’s looking for. She boldly agrees; he is a cute senior after all. They cross the street and she strides ahead.

All of the sudden a car full of college boys whip around a blind corner at full speed. Her newly found friend grabs her and pulls her out of the lane, saving her from a close call. She recovers from the shock and he walks her to her destination. Still feeling a bit shaky she looks out the window of the shop at the guy as he walks away, and to this day she swears that he had little white wings poking out of his t-shirt.




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